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tedLa liste complète des intervenants pour la neuvième édition de TEDxBruxelles, qui aura lieu le 5 mars 2018 au Bozar à Bruxelles, a été confirmée. Tous les conférenciers donneront leur vision sur "A Brave New World", le thème central de l'événement cette année (dont le titre est le même que l'illustre roman de science-fiction d'Aldous Huxley). Les présentations sont regroupées autour de trois thèmes, selon l'acronyme de TED: Technologie, Éthics et communication et Destination. Des experts passionnés et des experts chevronnés dans leurs domaines respectifs parleront de ce que l'avenir pourrait apporter selon eux, dans des présentations de douze minutes chacune.
Chaque année, TEDxBruxelles accueille un panel élaboré de penseurs, chercheurs, entrepreneurs, inventeurs et artistes désireux de partager leurs idées avec le public. Les conférenciers sont invités à partager leur histoire sur la base de leur expertise, mais leurs passions ou les aventures qu'ils ont vécues peuvent aussi être le point de départ d'un discours TED inspirant. Cette année,"A Brave New World" est le fil conducteur des présentations. TEDxBruxelles a l'honneur d'annoncer sa gamme complète pour l'édition 2018.

Découvrez les intervenants...

Adele Luta, cognitive neuroscientist at MIT. She will share how overcoming challenges as part of NASA’s spacewalk instructor and flight control team motivated her to study the mind.
Gianpiero Lotito, Founder and CEO and CTO of FacilityLive, the most funded Italian high tech startup.
Francoise Chombar, CEO of Melexis. She will be talking about the consequences technological progress has for humankind.
Antoine De Schuyter is a visual artist who will bring his interest in the interaction between music and image to the stage of TEDxBrussels.
Martin Bell, CEO of Rocket, will come to talk about how companies can embrace disruption and truly pursue their ideas of innovation
Georges Ugeux, former VP of the New York Stock Exchange, will talk about order and disorder in a new world.
Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck are the masterminds behind the human-like Zorabots. They will talk about but mainly with real and virtual humanoids.
Jochanan Eynikel, expert human-centered entrepreneurship and future thinking at think tank ETION, will share his vision on ethics and robotics.
Raf Stevens, expert business storytelling will be talking about ethics and communication
Marion Vagner is a former software engineer turned journalist covering science & education for RTL TVI, ARTE Info, etc.
Dries Depoorter, digital artist tackles in a thought-provoking way issues like social identity, encryption and (the lack of) protection of our online privacy.
Heather Grabbe is Director of the Open Society European Policy Institute, the EU policy arm of the Society established by George Soros.
Howard Gutman, former US ambassador to Belgium, will be looking at leadership in A Brave New World. Who will hold the keys.
Petra De Sutter will be talking about how Huxley’s views on reproduction have almost all become reality. The main question is “are we ready for this...?”
Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez: the mastermind behind the 'Mom I'm Fine' social channels, will be talking about the future and role of social media.
Gert Olefs: He truly believes that world peace can be a characteristic of A Brave New World.
Bea Ercolini: as a pioneer in fighting against street harassment and sexism, she founded Touch Pas A Ma Pote, an actual and BNW-relevant topic.
Deborah de Robertis is a visual artist and performer. She will be talking about Huxley’s forecas about the porn commercialization in the BNW.
Damya Laoui, Algerian researcher at VUB, specialized in new immunotherapies for cancer, and recently named one of the Innovators Under 35 by MIT. She will talk about potential new personalized immunotherapies.
Pour plus d'informations, rendez-vous sur http://www.tedxbrussels.eu/.