Lina Akbarzadeh & Maxime Damo

New kids in town

NEW KIDS_Lina n Maxim"Hello! We are Lina Akbarzadeh and Maxime Damo, we’re a bilingual team that consists out of a Dutchy and a Walloon. This makes Google Translate our best friend.

Maxime studied “Publicité” at Saint-Luc in Liège. While Lina graduated as a Graphic Designer in the Netherlands before she moved to Ghent to study Advertising at LUCA school of Arts. During our study we both chose to do our internship at Publicis. And this is where we met! You could say it was love at first sight. We didn’t have our language in common but we definitely shared the same humor, love for food and advertising.

After our internship finished, Maxime sticked around Publicis as freelancer while Lina participated to ‘The Farm’ by BBDO. During this time we continued sending each other ideas, on the train, bus, bike, during the weekend, family dinners, at night and so on.

Later on Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker and Naim Baddich brought the great news that we could start as a creative team at Publicis! Since then we’ve been enjoying the company of many great talents in the agency. Not only skilled but also super friendly☺

As for our plans, we’re excited to start creating work on which you can’t see it’s been made by two 22-year-old ad-newbies.

À bientôt ! Gegroet!"