Le World Radio Day et l'EGTA ont leurs 13 raisons...

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Les sociétés de radio et leurs régies célèbrent cette année encore le World Radio Day. En l'honneur de cette célébration, l'EGTA vous invite à (re)découvrir la radio/audio comme un média efficace et complètement transformé numériquement. L'association des régions de télévision et de radio a identifié 13 raisons pour lesquelles et comment la radio peut donner un coup de pouce.

  1. REACH & LISTENING - Reach and time spent listening are as strong as ever. Radio allows brands to reach millions of people on a daily basis.
  2. TARGETABILITY - Radio targets the right people at the right time with the right content.
  3. MULTIPLATFORM & MOBILE - Audio is everywhere and radio is the most mobile medium. With additional touchpoints and formats brought by digital audio radio becomes even more ubiquitous.

  4. COMPANIONSHIP - Radio is a hands-free, eyes-free medium present in unique moments throughout the day.

  5. ENGAGEMENT- Radio brings communities together to inform and entertain. Radios develop a strong relationship with listeners, enabling advertisers to engage them in an intimate & personal setting.

  6. MULTIPLIER - Radio has a unique campaign multiplier effect in the media mix.

  7. ACTIVATION & ROI - Radio drives immediate activation and generates strong ROI – a perfect match for call-to-action campaigns getting tactical messages to air quickly and building frequency.
  8. BRAND BUILDER - Radio helps brands to grow – the high reach of radio combined with its mood-enhancing effect on listeners brings brand-building messages across.

  9. DIGITAL BOOSTER - Radio drives traffic, search and e-commerce.

  10. RECOVERY DRIVER - Brands that advertise on radio in times of crisis – win.

  11. CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY & AGILITY Audio offers creative & effective solutions at an affordable production cost. It’s flexibility and agility enables to quickly adapt and air a spot.

  12. TRUST & SAFETYRadio is a trusted source of information – even more in times of crisis. Radio offers premium content, ad fraud and bots-free environment.

  13. INNOVATION - Audio innovations in ad tech and data create new and exciting opportunities for marketers.