Come watch “Agency Life” at Flanders Expo on September 16

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  • 16/09/2021

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Agency Life*: after the successful series now comes the live show.

(*What do you mean, "What is Agency Life?" An interesting web series about the inner workings of creative and digital agencies, duh. Sign up for the newsletter, pronto!)

So we called, in no particular order: Steven Verbruggen (AdSomeNoise), Hannes Coudenys (Hurae), Taha Riani (Allyens), Cleo De Backer (We Make You Happy), Harry Demey (LDV United), Thomas Joos (Hypernova) and Timur Khan (Fold).

What will they talk about? What won’t they be talking about:

  • Steven Verbruggen believes that smart digital campaigns should be both efficient and effective. Not everyone gets that right, he finds, not even big brands or leading agencies. So he transformed his vision and mission into an undoubtedly spirited keynote.
  • Hannes Coudenys likes getting creative, being the driving force behind Ugly Belgian Houses, the Smile Safari museum, and creative director of Hurae. Hannes is the man to tell us how to make creative content in times of content overload.
  • Taha Riani once made Forbes' 30under30 list with his innovative web community, which reaches millions of visitors a month. His agency Allyens has put inclusive communication firmly on the map since then. On our Agency Life stage, he will pull no punches: inclusive marketing or bust!

  • Harry Demey needs no introduction, but we’ll do it anyway: he founded LDV United in 1991 and has never looked back since. A real OG of advertising, who is not so keen on number crunching and spreadsheets. His favorite campaigns bridge the gap between left brain and right brain people, and he’ll surely tell you why on September 16.
  • Thomas Joos runs the Creative Leaders platform and provides growth advice to creative entrepreneurs with Hypernova. During his keynote, he will fervently point out the pitfalls that every growing agency must face.
  • Finally, the Agency Life panel, in which Harry Demey talks to Cleo De Backer, probably the hardest working woman in the event business, to Timur Khan, who loves to create striking campaigns for daring brands with, and Taha Riani. What do young creatives have in common with the old? What has changed? And what can they learn from each other?

Place to be on September 16th? Flanders Expo, because Agency Life is one of the 3 stages of Work Smarter, perhaps this Autumn’s best B2B conference. Organized by Teamleader, hopefully attended by hordes of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, business owners and all kinds of agency folks.

Tickets & info can be found at Looking forward!

Robin Van Cleemput - Teamleader