Een driesterrenmenu voor het GRP Symposium 2017


banner GRPOp 21 september organiseert GRP in Bluepoint haar GRP Symposium, een halve dag vol inspirerende sprekers en actuele content.

Part 1: 9.00-10:30
KEYNOTE: Is digital killing itself?
Everything can be measured, so little can be compared. What are the problems, what are the solutions? Presentation of a whitepaper.
Videodata Integration Model: daily delivery of TV and online ratings in the Netherlands (SKO Nederland)

Part 2: 10:40-11:45
Augmented or Virtual reality? What is the strategy of the tech giants? (Jeroen Verkroost)
Cannes Media Lions review (Davy Caluwaerts, Zenith)
Lunch Break 30’

Part 3: 12:15-13:30
Short Introduction on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
What does GDPR mean for digital advertising? (Matthias Matthiesen, IAB Europe)
Is GDPR a showstopper for social media? (Mic Adam, Vanguard Leadership)

Locatie: Bluepoint, Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussel

Meer info over inschrijvingen en het volledige programma vindt u op de website.